The Magic of Nabil - Testimonials


"Watch him do one trick- just one- and you will be hooked.  The guy is simply astonishing to watch for us mere mortals."

                          - Pacific Daily News


“This guy is blowin’ up. He’s already a superstar on Guam.” 

                                                                               - The Morning Blender with Kai&Kyle (Power 98 FM)


Oh my gosh! That is fantastic. That is truly amazing…Don’t miss out on Nabil’s show. You GOTTA see the guy.”
                                                        - Travis Coffman, NewsTalk K57 Radio


“Nabil's journey has been, well, magical.”
               - Pika Magazine


"Real gasps of astonishment...I found myself shocked at the ease at which Nabil works...Nabil shows great skill and personality and I hope to see more of this creative magician in the future."



"Thank you for your recent week of performances in the close-up gallery.  We know that each performance represented a part of you and your desire to provide the best magical entertainment possible.  We hope to see you in one of the showrooms again.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are grateful." 

                                    - Dale R. Hindman

                                                                  The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.

                                      The Magic Castle


"Nabil wowed the audience."

                                  - Saipan Tribune


“AWESOMENESS…astonishingly visual”


“We had a blast thanks to you. We're still scratching our heads trying to figure out how you did some of those things...Everyone's been excited about you there.”
                                                        - Ken Stewart, Restaurant Critic

                                                    aka “The Guam Food Guy”


“Thank you so much for your performance. Everyone enjoyed your performance once again, especially the Japanese tourists were happy to see your magic. We are amazed how good you are."

                                                               - Naoko Takahashi, Sales & Marketing
                                                       LaoLao Bay Golf Resort Saipan


“It was a pleasure having you! You were great!”
                                                            - Gary Sung,
Creative Director

                                         Ideal Advertising


"A great performance!  We held a post evaluation review and the verdict is that it was the best event we've done!"

                                 - Joven Cruz,

                                      CTSI Logistics


 "To: Manager at Mariana Resort & Spa,

We just want to say thank you for bringing a wonderful magician, Nabil, at Christmas night.  It was very special with a great joy and surprise...Hope we will see him again in the near future.  Thank you again.

                                                Sincerely yours,

                                                         Tsutomu & Yayoi Eda

                                                from Yokohama"


"I have worked with Nabil at World Resort, Saipan and it didn't take long to become friends because he is very cooperative and puts in the extra effort to perfect his "magical" illusions. This kind of entertainment is what more people need to put smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike! With a "win-win" attitude and teamwork with any hotel or resort management, I am confident that Nabil will perform to your guests’ satisfaction.”
                                                        - Ray Austin, F&B Beverage Manager

                                World Resort Saipan


“I want to thank you for working so well with our customers. All your tricks have been great.”
                                        - Danny Payumo, Owner

                                   Bully’s Bar & Grill



"To Whom It May Concern:

Nabil Murday has been performing table magic at The Westin Resort Guam from February 2009 through December 2009. In his capacity as The Table Magician, his work has always been exemplary and has met the high standards that his profession calls for in order to successfully carry out his shows.

Nabil was very well liked by our guests. His manners are what you would expect in a 5-star establishment. His shows are in high caliber and are very well rehearsed. Some of his tricks I have seen about 30 times and still have no clue how he gets to the outcome, simply mesmerizing.

I have no hesitations or reservations in recommending him for employment. His personal integrity is beyond reproach and he will be a valuable asset for any upscale establishments.

                                                                                         Andreas Lorenz
                                                                                        Director of Kitchen, in charge of Food & Beverage
                                                                                        The Westin Resort Guam”